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Trip to Samaria Gorge

Trip to Samaria Gorge

The island of Crete is known for its countless canyons available. The most famous of these is the Samaria or the Samaria Gorge which is also one of the most important sightss in Crete.
It is ocated in western Crete, on the”White Mountains” Sierra and is the longest gorge in Europe with a length of 18 km . The passage through the gorge is a unique and breathtaking experience since the hiker is faced with the majesty and beauty of wild nature during the entire route.
The most famous part of the gorge is the part of “Iron Gates”, where the canyon sides are approaching the width of four meters and climp up to the height of 500 m. The gorge was declared as national park in 1962, mainly because it is a refuge for the rare Kri-Kri and because nearby there are several rare endemic species, and many species of rare flowers and birds.
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